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TWIST-OFF closures

Metal-Print specialises in producing Twist-off closures which can be customised with full-colour printing.

Our specialised offset printing equipment enables caps to have completely unique designs and high quality images.

We make our Twist-off closures of the following sizes, end-usages and types:

Sizes and endusage:

82mm, 77mm, 66mm, 63mm & 53mm in diameter and suitable for either pasteurisation (t + 100 degrees C) or sterilisation (t + 121 degrees C). The closures are made from EFA food grade tin with double protective coating internally and externally.


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Metal-Print offers high quality protective lacquering and full-colour lithography on tinplate or aluminium sheets for the production of various metal packaging including cans or containers for food, beverages or chemicals, closures or fancy tins.

We use offset printing with UV inks, UV curing system and the digital computer-to-plate technology with 240 LPI printing plates. The printing quality control is governed by the X-Rite eXact measuring device to ensure the highest quality images are produced within an entire run of any print job.

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